Saturday, June 7, 2008

Let the injections begin!

Friday morning we starting our injections. I am on 175 of Follistem in the morning, 250 of Follistem mixed with 150 of Menipur in the evening. Adding Dexomethosone and keeping with the Metformin. Of course we throw in some baby aspirin and prenatal vitamins to the mix.
Poor DH has a horrible time giving me the shots. I wish there was a way to keep him out of this part...but I just can't bear to do it myself. I can't even rip off a band-aid!

My belly is already sore and it has only been 36 hours. I'm hoping I continue to feel good like I did the last cycle. But then again, I didn't see a BFP, so maybe feeling bad is better? My mind does crazy things about now. Alas....

Two hours until the next shot. Good times!

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millie said...

Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me yesterday. I'm truly honored.

I know it can seem scary giving yourself the shots but it's actually not bad, and I found much easier than having my DH give me my shots. The first time is the hardest but then it's a piece of cake. I got good at doing my shots in restaurant bathroom stalls and anywhere I was. I advanced to giving myself my own PIO but that is definitely IVF Grad School.

Hoping this cycle is the one for you.