Friday, June 27, 2008

And they are in!

Well, we made it to the blast stage and I now have two embryos resting (hopefully comfortably) inside of me.

Here is the update: The morning after surgery I woke up and had gained about 3 pounds. Since I was suffering from OHSS, the doctors wanted to see me the next day to make sure things were alright. We went in on Sunday and I had 7cm of free fluid behind my uterus and my ovaries were HUGE. No wonder I looked like I was in my second trimester. Anyway, they said we need to keep up the salty foods and drinks. She even told me she has done surgery to remove the fluid and taken a gallon of water out of a woman before. OMG! If they should need to do the surgery, we would most likely not do the transfer. So, I ate a ton of french fries, pretzels, and Gatorade. Hmmm...kinda enjoyable.

On Monday I was feeling a bit better, had not gained more weight, but was still looking preggo. We got a call from the doctors and of the 22 embryos that fertilized, 18 were looking good at Day 3. Yippee!

On Day 5 (Wed) the doctors selected the best two and put them in. The process was a bit painful and long, as my uterus is curved and it was difficult to get the catheter inside. Of course having a full bladder did not help make things more comfortable. I was asked to "relieve myself" a bit (that is so hard to control!) and that seemed to do the trick. We watched our multi-celled (one at 100 and the other at almost 80) organisms plop in and hoped for the best. I did go to acupuncture before and after the transfer. If anything it was extremely relaxing as always.

The next morning we got a call that 7 of our other embryos made it to the blast stage and were frozen. The doctor said this was incredible and that she had been hopeful for 4. I guess we made a good lot this time!

I have been on bed rest since Wednesday and have had a bit of cramping. Apparently this is due to my larger than life ovaries bumping up against my uterus and pushing inside me. Of course I am scared, but am trying my best to not think of it.

DH has been amazing and doting on my every need. I have had wonderful friends and family call, email, and drop by with their well wishes and support. Of course these next couple weeks will be difficult, but we are staying positive. Heck, why can't it happen for us??!!


Kymberli said...

Wonderful news! I had high hopes that your transfer would proceed as planned! Do you think you'll do any early testing, or will you wait for the beta? Good luck!

millie said...

So glad to hear all went as scheduled. Hope you're happy staying inside and not breathing that horrible outside air.

Hope those blasts find a nice, cushiony place for the long haul.

Deborah said...

I am so glad they were able to proceed with the transfer. Really good news about your embryos, I think things sound extremely promising. Try not to go too crazy in the 2ww(easier said than done.) Take care!

CG said...

Gr8 news. Take rest and keep up the positive thoughts. I will be praying for you.