Friday, June 13, 2008

26 follicles, and I look like a junkie

I went in today for my U/S and they found 26 follicles (the most ever!). The sizes ranged from about 6-10mm. I can only imagine how I will feel a week from now. I am already starting to feel rather full inside and can feel those puppies when I move around. I guess the Elliptical will be out of the question at the gym tomorrow morning.
We are hoping and praying that at least 50% of the follicles have an egg. Last time we were unlucky in this department. At least my meds are staying stable and I am not having to increase dosages. Hopefully this is a good sign.
My blood draw this morning left a huge bruise on my inner arm. Shopping in Neimans today I was embarrassed when a man offered to spray my wrist with perfume and saw the spot. I truly hope he didn't think it was caused by something recreational. Ugh!


PJ said...

Hi! I clicked over here from Lost and Found. 26 follies sounds promising! Best of luck to you!

Io said...

Over from Lost and Found - 26 sounds great!
Welcome to the IF blogsphere - not that you want to be IF, but glad you've got a blog...