Saturday, May 15, 2010

Here we go again!
We have now met with our RE regarding round #2...err make that baby #2. It was a totally different feeling as we walked into the doctor's office to talk about our infertility problems and solutions to them. This time I had my beautiful baby boy and knew that miracles do happen. I guess the pressure is off and I know we can do this.
Of course I was put on Provera. I waited, and waited, and waited after finishing the cycle of meds. Nothing! So, I had to go in for two separate blood tests and a sono before continuing onto estrogen. I guess my lining was thin and my progesterone levels low. This means we can go for it!
Of course this doesn't match up with our original time line. But if I have learned anything from the three years of TTC, it is that schedules and time frames never stick.
Good luck to us!