Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm back!

Our sweet baby boy is now 7 months and I have some of my life back. As I sit here listening to his cry it out for his nap (more on that later), I realized I should continue this virtual diary with my LIFE WITH PRESTON.

I was a week late and induced. About 7ish hours of labor, Preston was born. He was a healthy, happy 21 inches and 7 lb 13 oz. My journey through parenthood has not come problem free, as one would hope. I figured after 3 years of TTC I would bet a "gimme" in the easy kid/mommyhood department....but alas that is not so.

Preston had trouble latching on from the start and on top of that I supplied VERY minimal milk. I produced about enough milk to supply a small mouse. This made Preston (and me!) very frustrated and tears were always streaming. I met with lactation consultants, read books, listened to advice from friends, took funky smelling pills, pumped the hell out of my nipples, and still....2 ounces a day. Finally after a month of rarely getting to hold my baby (that damn pump LIVED on my boobs), I quit. We are all happier now. I won't lie, it still breaks my heart that I could not breastfeed my child. I have a theory as to why it didn't work, but now is not the time nor place.

At three weeks old, colic set in. Preston would spend the hours from 9-11am and 3-5pm screaming. No, not crying, screaming! My sweet husband never believed me because note the times: he was never home. Of course weekends were usually good too because our whole day was different, off schedule, etc. We found out a few weeks later that Preston has GERD and needs a Rx as well as special feeding modifications so his food won't rise up in his chest making him feel like he is having a (gasp!) "heart attack".

I tried to do every momma thing in the Bay Area. Yoga, music, umpteen million playgroups. This all went well until Preston was about a month and starting to really have belly problems. He would cry uncontrollably in each activity, causing me to sweat. I swear I should have bought stock in SECRET around that time as I was going through so much of it.

Here we are at month 7, my favorite so far. Preston has two teeth, eats solid food. Okay, let's get real, it is not SOLID by any means and should be called MUSH. He sits up, rolls over, laughs, smiles and babbles on and on. He is so fun now!!!

I will continue with my Preston adventures soon.

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