Monday, March 1, 2010

Keeping up with the Johnny's

The kid competition thing has to stop. One of my friends has a son named Johnny. Johnny does everything early and is a superstar in ever milestone he hits. Johnny can roll over, Johnny can crawl, Johnny can cruise, Johnny can eat a hamburger! Enough with Johnny!

Now, I am all for sharing the successes your child has, but there has to be a limit to which you share. It only brings me down and reminds me that Preston is NOT doing all those things. Sure, I know he will eventually, but my competitive streak comes into play. reflection this might be my problem and not Johnny's baby mamas! Something to think about....

Regardless, it is hard when a mom brags consistently about their child, especially when they are doing something your child isn't. I have one friend who's daughter didn't walk until 19 months! This poor mom always felt like crap when hanging out with "johnny mom" types. I can only imagine.

So, for those mamas out there - save the bragging for your own mother. We will see what your child can do anyway.

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