Thursday, January 22, 2009


I AM PREGNANT!!!! (Could you hear me in New York??)

I am happy to finally report that I am pregnant. The FET cycle proved to be our magic charm. Everything went smoothly from day 1. I loved the ease of the cycle, appointments, medication and transfer.

We put in 2 and on day 9 got a very high HcG result. The doctor was convinced I had twins. I had a follow up 2 days later and my numbers were doubling nicely. At a few days shy of 6 weeks I had another blood draw because my BBs had stopped hurting and I freaked out. Turns out we lost the twin then. However, we still had one great embryo nestling inside me. At 6 weeks and 2 days we saw and heard our baby. What an amazing experience!

I am currently 15 weeks and 4 days - due on July 12, 2009.

Week 6 - 14: "morning" sickness...though it always came in the afternoon. It still comes at times, but is nothing like it was before.

Week 3-13: sore BBs. Still a bit tender, but not throbbing.

Week 13- now: Severe headaches. The worst!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started prenatal yoga at week 12 and love it!

Trisomy tests all came back great with a low chance of Downs or Edwards syndrome.

I an nervous for the anatomy sono at 20 weeks, but hoping for the best. We've made it this far, right?

Thanks for the support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


millie said...

Thank goodness you finally posted! I was thisclose to outing you.

Here's to a summer baby! Seems like perfect timing for you.


Anonymous said...

Where is the baby blog??? now that there is a little one, lets hear all about the pregnancy, preparing birth, life...

Anonymous said...

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