Saturday, July 26, 2008

Being sad, trying yet again, and Bradgelina

I have noticed that in the last few weeks I am crying at everything. I really mean everything. I am the epitome of the Hallmark card commercial joke. I cry during So You Think You Can Dance...and not even when someone is voted off! I held in tears during Mama Mia for heavens sake. Hmmm....maybe there is something to this and I am really depressed after our last loss. I feel fine most of the time. I am sad, but fine. But then it just hits me and I lose it. I think I am feeling hurt and embarrassed too, which I am sure does not help.

We met with the doctor this week and she said we owe it to ourselves to try twice more with the frozen, and then call it quits. She said if a women has had 8 eggs inside her and did not become pregnant, chances are she won't. Hello pressure! Is that a steam train on my chest or is it just me??!! So, we will wait a few months before giving it the college try (yet again). At least this time I won't be a giant pin cushion and hopefully not a neurotic mess. In the meantime I plan on enjoying my wine, flexible schedule, and free time.

One comment: What is up with Brad and Angelina doing IVF to "save time". Cause it sounds like so much fun and it made it easier? You have got to be kidding me. Plus, she ruins our statistics of success.

Sorry, I am bitter Betty this evening.


Kymberli said...

I just wrote about Bran.gelina's "just knock it out!" mentality towards IVF. It diminishes the causes and heartache that brings other people to IVF.

I think going with the frozens you have left is good advice, but I cannot BELIEVE that your doctor suggested that you give up with your eggs if the FETs aren't successful. If she has concrete, case-specific evidence that is based on hard core facts, that's one thing. But to just shrug her shoulders and give loose odds like "if those 8 didn't stick, none would" is appalling to me. I personally would seek 2nd or even 3rd opinions before calling it quits with my eggs.

I'm sorry that she left you with such a bleak outlook.

millie said...

Personally I think you are fair from a Bitter Betty. I'm so sorry you're having a hard time. I'm a crier as well so I totally get that.

First off, I really really don't think Bradgelina did ivf because it was easier. I think they did it because she likely stopped ovulating back when she lost so much weight. Lots easier to say they did it to save time than admit she had issues, don't cha think?

As for your doctor, I think she's wrong. My good friend Tertia had twins on her 8th ivf. Hoping it takes nowhere near that for you but I wish your doctor answered only to patients and not to stock holdes. I'm thinking she's more concerned about her statistics than your success.

I do think you'll have much better chance with FETs because likely your estrogen won't be so out of whack due to OHSS. It will be such an easier cycle in so many ways and that is most definitely a good thing.