Friday, July 4, 2008

Bad news

Well, I am not pregnant. We went in today for the HcG test and got the call a few hours later. I was actually feeling pretty confident this time, more so than ever. When thinking about it though I am feeling a bit bloated and irritable today. Oh well..moving on.

The doctor said not to be discouraged because I have so many high quality frozen embryos. She thinks that my estrogen levels may have been too high and compromised the lining in my uterus. Also, I went through so much trauma with the OHSS and had a difficult transfer, so my body may have not been ready or capable. They think we might have a great chance with the frozen. Though of course they have us a 55-60% chance with this past cycle and were all smiles about it. I am not buying too much into this new encouragment.

We will wait a month or two and then mosey down that path. At least there are minimal injections for a frozen cycle. That is a bonus if I must find one.

Thanks to all for your prayers and continued support. It means the world to me.


millie said...

Well, crap. I am saying much worse words than that right now but thought it best not to type them here.

I am so very very sorry. I was really hoping this was it for you guys.

FETs really are so much easier and it is fab you have a bunch of gorgeous embryos left. I am glad you can find a bit of a silver lining but totally understand if you need to do some ranting and venting.

Krista said...

So sorry to hear. Love you and thinking of you always.

Kymberli said...

I'm so sorry. I hope that the next cycle is THE cycle.

Just Me. said...

Here from Lost and Found.

I'm so sorry. There are just no words.


IAH said...

So sorry to hear that :(