Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Asking Martha and Oprah for help

Well, I have been thinking it is about time Martha and/or Oprah dedicated an entire show (or segment) to infertility. Oprah had on a 31-year-old teacher that has been trying treatments for three years to no avail. This mimics my life completely: age, job, and TTC time. Though this was a great five minutes, it was FIVE minutes. The poor girl barely got to tell Oprah the things we hate to hear. (i.e. It WILL happen; You still have time; You can always adopt).

So, I sent an email to both media goddesses requesting representation. I think many people think of IVF and think of an older woman whose only problem is aging eggs. As I pointed out, there are plenty of us with unidentified infertility, that are still young. As I hope you agree, we need to be heard, understood, and maybe even studied. (could it be processed food? long-time birth control? something in the water?)

Hopefully they think about it and consider how many women and families they can help by offering this program. Stay tuned!


Kymberli said...

Oprah is almost Public Enemy #1 to infertiles (at least as far as TV personalities are concerned). Any time she's even remotely tried to cover aspects of IF she's done a piss-poor job of it. Maybe eventually she'll get the clue and do a show with some real substance, but I've seen lots of letter-writing campaigns to Oprah from IF community over the years and it seems like she keeps regurgitating facets of the same old stuff.

millie said...

Oh, honey. You are asking the wrong women for help. As Kymberli said, Oprah is no friend to us. Never has been, never will. Our very own JennaM is the teacher you mention and she was not treated well by the show (and even worse by the aftershow). I think her blog is pwp now but she has written a lot about her experiences.

Martha might be more open because of what her daughter is going through so much. But I really wouldn't count on it. Your best hope was Meredith Viera when she was on the few (she's a rpl gal and very kind to us).

I've heard through friends of friends (producer-types) that Oprah is not at all interested in infertility and would never devote a show to it because of some of her own "stuff". Of course, if there were big time ratings then who knows?

BTW the lovely JennaM recently became a mom to a very beautiful little girl.