Sunday, May 25, 2008

Must I say it again....we don't know!

So not only do we deal with people not understanding what it's like, but they don't understand our nasty schedules. So, we are starting our 4th cycle. This process should not be new to anyone in my family. Yet, they can't seem to understand that my life cannot be scheduled right now. Yes, I would love to plan a vacation or outing. Hello people - not an option! Don't they know I have injections to look forward to at 6:30 every morning and evening. Or, that I have a fabulous appointment scheduled to drain me of yet another pint of blood and have a wand inserted into my "good girl". But no, they don't get it. They want an exact surgery date so their lives can be more convenient. Oh, wouldn't that be nice! I understand that the unknown causes problems with their schedule. I guess I should have been more considerate when I CHOSE to not ovulate regularly. I sincerely apologize.

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